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The Land

The Home

As you drive down the lane to the property you will immediately notice a beautiful landscape of cottonwood trees that provide beautiful shadows on the grass.  As you continue onto the property you will be greeted by a field of white flowers, named Yerba Mansa (in the summer). There is a barn around back where we house our two baby goats, Joey & Duke,  Next to them is the garden that will see a glorious harvest this year.  The heated pool is perfectly situated near shade trees so that you will be able to relax out of the sun. Regardless of the season, you will enjoy the many places to sit and take nature in.   

The home is a made from adobe (see the video below).  The architecture is pueblo revival style, which is one of the only truly American architecture styles.  It retains heat in the winter and a cool temperature in the summer.  The lovey brick floors are on sand, which is a step up from a dirt floor (way back when). The rounded architecture can be seen throughout. The home is luxurious and the vegas, latillas, portals, and plaster walls give way to old tradition.  There is just something special about sleeping in a home constructed from adobe.  



Adobe Architecture   

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